Starke Fitness Launches Nigeria’s 1st Fitness and Sport Experience Center

Nigeria Fitness Experience Center

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024, was a special day for Starke Fitness. We launched Nigeria’s very 1st Fitness and Sport Experience Center and celebrated our CEO Mr. Johnson Alabi’s birthday!

Kicking Off with Style

The event started with a lively red carpet session where guests shared their fitness stories and how Starke Fitness has made working out at home easier and more fun. The excitement was contagious as everyone mingled and shared their experiences.

A Thoughtful Beginning

The program officially started with a heartfelt prayer led by a guest, setting a positive tone for the day. Mr. Johnson Alabi then took the stage to share the inspiring journey of Starke Fitness. He talked about our mission to provide high-quality and affordable gym equipment that helps people stay fit and live healthier lives. He also thanked everyone for their support.

Exploring the Fitness and Experience Sport Center

Attendees then had the opportunity to explore our new Fitness and Sport Experience Center, where a wide range of gym equipment was on display. The setup allowed guests to see and use the equipment firsthand, providing a tangible experience of the quality and functionality of Starke Fitness products. It was a unique opportunity for customers to engage with the products and envision how they could enhance their own fitness routines at home.

Engaging Discussions and Fun Competitions

We held a panel discussion on how to stay fit while balancing work and life. Experts shared useful tips, and guests joined in with their questions and ideas.

A fun highlight of the day was the push-up challenge. Guests competed to see who could do 50 push-ups. After some tough competition, our CEO, Mr. Johnson Alabi, won the challenge, showing his dedication to fitness.

Celebrations and Entertainment

Our MC kept the event lively, engaging guests with fun activities and interactions. We surprised Mr. Alabi with a birthday celebration, and everyone joined in singing a birthday song for him, creating a warm and joyous atmosphere.

Food, Fun, and Dancing

Guests enjoyed a delicious spread of food, drinks and snacks, perfect for socializing and networking. The event ended with everyone hitting the dance floor, celebrating fitness, community, and joy.


The launch of Starke Fitness first fitness and experience center was a huge success, filled with meaningful interactions, useful discussions, and lots of fun. It was a perfect mix of professional achievement and personal celebration, reflecting the spirit of StarkeFitness –Living a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made the event special. Here’s to many more milestones and celebrations in the future!

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on our journey to make fitness easy and enjoyable for all

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