Normal Dart Board


game of darts is generally contested between two players, who take turns. The most common objective is to reduce a fixed score, commonly 301 or 501, to zero (“checking out”). The final dart must land in either the bullseye or a double segment to win.

Have all the fun playing this highly recommended indoor game. It is perfect to play with members of the family or have friendly competitions with your pals. This is the inexpensive way to have a game in the convenience of your own home.

It usually leaves the players with a sense of achievement when accuracy is achieved. Additionally, playing darts reduces the stress level of the players and improves teamwork.

Allows the player have loads of fun while helping to increase concentration and accuracy. One of the best indoor games ever! Great for all ages (Children to play under parental supervision).

The Dart Set Includes:

  1. Full Size Dart Board
    Wire spider web to divide scoring segments
    Mounting bracket built into dartboard
    2 sets (6 darts) of 10g brass dart Board