Massage Gun (rechargeable)


Deep Powerful Massage Gun *Six levels of massage intensity, equipped with four different massage heads, whether it is relaxing muscles after exercise, or daily body massage, are very suitable. It can treat back pain, muscle ache, shoulder strain, office sitting for a long time and other sub-health problems. It is the perfect gift for yourself or your family and friends.


Voltage: 12V

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 24W

Weight: 2.3 LB Packing *carton+ charger + manual + massage gun +4 massage heads Characteristic * One button start, simple operation, safe and convenient 4 different massage heads are suitable for muscle relaxation in different parts. Spherical head: suitable for large muscle groups Flat head: suitable for massage and relaxation of whole body muscles U head: suitable for spine massage Spiral head: applicable to impact deep tissue meridians 6 Different Gears * First gear is 2100 rpm: light massage Second gear is 2300 rpm: light massage Third gear is 2600 rpm: professional massage Fourth gear is 2800 rpm: muscle wakeup Fifth gear is 3000 rpm: decomposing lactic acid Sixth gear is 3200 rpm: deep massage



Deep Powerful Massage: The hand-held massager has a powerful motor to provide strong power. It can relieve the muscle ache after exercise, reduce muscle rigidity, reduce fatigue, effectively relax the body and make you become healthier.

Drip Level Mute: The massage gun is designed with ventilation scheme, equipped with motor cushioning,sound insulation board and noise reduction shell triple noise reduction, reducing 30% of machine noise. New noise reduction technology, strong power, minimum noise. This muscle massager is fashionable, light and portable. You can use it anytime in anywhere.

Widely Application:It is an ideal choice to help professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts or injured people relax their muscles and recover faster. At the same time, it is suitable for the treatment of back pain, muscle ache, shoulder strain, long sitting in the office and other sub-health problems. It can also be given to relatives and friends, which is a perfect gift for health.

Heat Dissipation and Charging: Multiple ventilation and heat dissipation air slots are used, with high efficiency, reducing the heat when the machine is used, improving the power performance, prolonging the service life of the motor, increasing the service time of the massage gun, and with the characteristics of non scalding and more safety. Built in three rechargeable lithium batteries, can be used for 2-3 hours after charging.(Charging time: 2 hours)

6-Stage Design + 4 Massage Heads: 6 different massage intensities, 4 massage heads for different body parts, rotation speed 2100-3600 / min, you can adjust the intensity and change the massage head according to different parts of the body and different use needs. Whether it’s relaxing muscles after exercise or daily body massage, it’s very suitable.