50kg Chrome Barbell weight with Dumbbell Rod


The 50kg chrome cast iron barbell and dumbbell weight set is a quality choice designed to enhance your strength training, especially focussing on your upper body. However, the equipment can be combined with exercises such as squats, lunges and more to work your whole body, making it a handy addition to your fitness routine. The chrome plated bar and dumbbell bars have knurled handles that improve your grip, letting you work out with confidence, and the weight plates have a durable black finish. The set is made to endure intense training sessions and the 14 cast iron plates allow you to vary the weight you lift, with spinlock collars to secure the plates in position. The 50kg corresponds to the complete weight of the set, which includes the weight plates, bars and the spinlock collars.

Key Features

  • Great for squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises, pullovers, bent-over rows, military presses and shrugs
  • Suitable for whole body workouts and targeting chest, biceps, triceps, arms and back muscle
  • Portable inside case